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How Auto-Destruct products protect your data & media

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Welcome to, specialist in personal privacy file,data and media protection.  


Our handy privacy software is easy to load, access and use on any Auto-Destruct USB device.  Simply purchase or download the version(s) you want to utilize as an individual and start protecting your data and files today.  With an Auto-Destruct product you no longer have to carry a computer around with your private documents, music, videos or pictures. You can safely store all of that and more in the palm of your hand or wallet with confidence that if lost no one else can access it.

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Welcome is dedicated to building personal privacy software for the individual consumer.  We help you protect, save and keep your private data, private (pics, docs, media, passwords). Our software and products are simple and easy to use.  What sets apart from other personal privacy products is our password,auto-destruct and kill switch data protection feature.  If a person tries to access your files with the wrong password; the files automatically erase.  If you are in a rush and want to destroy your files quicker, you can utilize the kill switch feature and the files and application are shredded and permanently erased. software can be used for file protection on a USB, Desktop or Laptop.   Please review our feature descriptions in the FAQ section.